OOWSS Recipes


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Carmel Pecan Spice Cake - Submitted by Buckshot Shell-E

Cranberry Lemon Bread - Submitted by Buckshot Shell-E

Streusel Lemon Bread - Submitted by Buckshot Shell-E

Perfect Brownies - Submitted by Nancy Hiebert (client of Mid Valley Drifter)

Savory Cornbread - Submitted by Tigger Happy

Spinach Brownies - Submitted by Tigger Happy

Cinnamon Knots - Submitted by Antety

Stuffed Cajun Pork Chops - Submitted by Boothill Bandit

Bourbon Street Steak - Submitted by Boothill Bandit

Mmmm! Meatballs - Submitted by Ruby Christmas & Burnt River Buck

Ginger Snaps (Molasses Cookies) - Submitted by Boothill Bandit

Atomic Buffalo Turds  -  Submitted by Boothill Bandit  (PDF format)

Chocolate Cheesecake  -  Submitted by Gaye Abandon

Super Bowl Bean Dip  -  Submitted by Boothill Bandit

Jakes Lasagna  -  Submitted by Boothill Bandit


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