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This is our video page.  The images are relatively small and won't require long download times. 

Simply click on the shooter you wish to watch.  Enjoy.


            Baxter Black - So Proud To Be An American   2.2 Mb  

                Buckshot Shell-E   370KB

               Buckshot Shell-E (Black Powder shoot 10-23-04)

               Buckshot Shell-E (Black Powder Shoot 10-30-05) Video - "Back In Black"   14Mb

            Mid Valley Drifter   291KB

                Black Powder Posse shoot 10-23-04

                The Last Real Cowboys - Old-time wranglers try to hold onto the days when men were stupid enough to stand back-to-back,

                                                      take ten paces and then kablam! It's cowboy souffle' all over the tavern floor!  Billy Bob Thornton stars in

                                                      this whimsy western.



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