Guns Needed for Cowboy Action Shooting


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  • Single Action Revolvers - Two are required. The Ruger Vaquero, Colt SAA and replicas are examples of acceptable revolvers.


  • Lever Action Rifle - must be in a pistol caliber. Many shooters prefer to have a rifle in the same caliber as their revolvers. Marlin, Winchester, Uberti and Rossi are just a few of the manufacturers that make these rifles.


  • Shotgun - Any side by side or single shot shotgun typical of the era without automatic ejectors, with or without external hammers, with single or double triggers.  Lever action, tubular fee, exposed hammer shotguns of the period are allowed (e.g., Winchester Model 1887).  Must be at least 20 gauge and no larger than 10 gauge.

        The ONLY slide action shotgun allowed is the Model 1897 Winchester, whether original or replica, in at least 16 and no

        larger than 12 gauge.

        Side-by-side, single shot and lever action center-fire shotguns in .410 are allowed within the Buckaroo Category only.


  • Long Range Rifle - (Side Match Only) - Any tubular feed, lever action or single shot rifle manufactured before 1896 or any reproduction thereof.  All rifles must have external hammers. Sights must be open iron and mounted as on the original rifle or original style tang mounted peep sights.  Optical and receiver mounted sights are not allowed.  There are typically four categories in long range or precision rifle:                                     

  •    Single Shot
  •    Lever action, rifle caliber
  •    Lever action, pistol caliber
  •    Buffalo Single Shot

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