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Howdy all,   

BRRRRRRR!!!  Cold weather, hot cider, great cookies and portable heaters brought us together Saturday, November 22nd for a wonderful day of cowboy action shooting at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club.  On behalf of the Oregon Old West Shooting Society we would like to thank the 20 cowboys and 5 cowgirls who braved the cold to show up.  We had a great day with lots of laughs and good times.  Marshall Thunder was shooting so fast he actually caught himself on fire.  No joke. Actually he stood to close to one of the heaters and burned his coat pretty bad.  He is accepting donations for a new one.  Thanks to Will Shootem for setting up some real fun stages and those of you who traveled long distances to come and play. 

Remember our next match is December 21st.  We will be having a potluck meal so bring your favorite dish.  I'm already hungry just thinking about it.

Thanks again for a great day.

Respectively yours,

Mid Valley Drifter

SASS # 35724

Webmaster/Score Keeper

Oregon Old West Shooting Society

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