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Match Results

Match Results w/extras

Class Final

Howdy all,

The Oregon Old West Shooting Society participated in its first Postal Match this last Sunday, November 16th at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club.  The Potomac Rangers of Southern Maryland designed this match for any club in the nation to compete in.  All clubs who participated in the match will have their results posted in the Cowboy Chronicle.  It will be neat to see how we faired with other clubs. 

We had rain, wind and DRY shooting conditions under our new covered bays.  We had 48 joyous shooters show up for a fun filled day.  We set up the targets in three separate bays all identical as described by the Potomac Rangers guidelines, then broke into three posses and each posse shot all six stages in their bay.  This really helped because each posse didn't have to move.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to those who donated to the prize table.  Also a warm welcome to two of our new shooters:  Porter Ambros Traffenstedt and Rocky Ledge.  Glad to have ya pards.  Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We will be having a pot luck lunch after our December 21st match.  So remember to bring something for everyone to eat.  We have power if you need a crock pot plugged in.

Thanks again to all who attended.  We appreciate your support.  We look forward to seeing you all in December.

Oh ya, we also shoot again this Saturday November 22nd, 10am.  See ya then and remember, keep your powder dry.


Mid Valley Drifter

SASS # 35724

Webmaster/Score Keeper

Oregon Old West Shooting Society

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