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The Oregon Old West Shooting Society put on its Sunday monthly Cowboy Action Shooting match with a great turn out.  We had 68 shooters show up for a very eventful day.  Congratulations to Lightning Jolt as our Overall Match Winner and Katie Kaboom as Overall Women's shooter.  Thanks to those who donated to the prize table; Grumpy and Warmheart, Territorial Ryder and Hell Fire.  Also thanks to Hurricane for the delicious beans and ham dish.  Glad you all could make it and we appreciate your support.

Remember we shoot again Saturday, January 24th.

Hope to see you all there.

The attached reports of the match are in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are unable to read them please download the viewer here.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.

Mid Valley Drifter

SASS # 35724

Webmaster/Score Keeper

Oregon Old West Shooting Society

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