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>>>>Match Results<<<<


The attached reports of the match are in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are unable to read them please download the viewer here.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.

Rain, wind, rain, wind, sunshine, rain, wind, wind, sunshine.  That pretty much expains our day.  With the crazy weather we still had a good turnout of 53 shooters.  Congratulations to all the winners.
Thanks to those who contributed to the prize table:  Redding Renegrade, No Good Dirty, Katie Kaboom, Slick and Grumpy.
For those of you interested the OWSA "Old West Shootist Association"  will be sponsoring their annual competition in June.  Their web site has all the info at
We shoot again this next Saturday, April 23rd.  Looks like the weather is gonna hold out for us and be fairly nice.
The best of luck to those traveling to New Mexico for End of Trail.  Travel safe.
Thanks again to all who showed up today.  We appreciate all your support and enjoy having each and everyone of you here.
Warmest Regards,
Mid Valley Drifter
SASS #35724