Shootout At Saddle Butte 2002


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Shootout At Saddle Butte 2002

   The Shootout at Saddle Butte was a great success this year and I hope that everyone had a great time. I would like to give my personal Thanks to all of the people who helped out in planning, setting up, and running the match. I may not remember all of the people but I will try. First off Thank you to My Wife Lisa, "Mrs. Dew" for putting up with the couple of months of phone calls, doing all of the registration, accounting, score keeping, helping with lunches and about a dozen other things.

   To Grizzly Wulff, who is officially our new match director. He designed and made the awards along with a little help from Judge Mackenzie who did the layout and the printing for them. Grizzly Wulff and Slick Elic Mackenzie planned and organized the match. Slick Elic organized the lunches, and made the leather "Shootout at Saddle Butte" tags that were in your shooters packets

   To Rocky Meadows and Pale Wolf for collecting the prizes for the prize table and organizing them at the match.

   To PaleWolf, Rocky Meadows, Slick Elic Mackenzie, Judge Mackenzie, Yuma, Texas Tom Tyler, Hoodoo, Grizzly Wulff, Cristo, Misery Hicks, Hurricane, Mid Valley Drifter, Buckshot Shell-e, and all of the others who helped in the cleanup of the range and helped set up and tear down the match. A huge Thank you to Hurricane for the use of the Chuck Wagon.

   To the shooters who made donations to the prize table, they were greatly appreciated. Last but not least to the R.O.'s, Adah Isaacs Menken, Will Skinner, Yuma, Sierra, Will Shootem, Mid Valley Drifter, Slick Elic Mackenzie, Judge Mackenzie, Professor, Hoodoo, Buckshot Pete, Mountain Rider, PaleWolf & Rocky Meadows. Without them it would be impossible to run the match smoothly.

   Thanks Again and hope to see you soon.

          Mountain Dew


Side Match Results

                  Long Range Single Shot                         

                           1. Festis                                                                           

                           2. Mountain Dew                                                                

                           3. Hoodoo                                  

            Lever Action Rifle Cal.

                           1. Hoodoo 

                           2. Hickory

                           3. Oregonian    

           Lever Action Pistol Cal.

                 1. Territorial Ryder


                           3. Festis


           Trap, Men's                     

                1. Mountain Dew 20 Birds

                         2. Yuma 19 Birds

                         3. CAS Costalot 18 Birds

           Trap, Ladies

               Tie for 1. Calico Lee 14 birds

                       Tie for 1. Miss Wendy14 birds

                       2. Hoodoo 13 birds