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The attached reports of the match are in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are unable to read them please download the viewer here.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.


Howdy All,

Typhoon winds, horizontal rain, freezing temperatures and yes, some blue sky made for an interesting Cowboy Action Shooting match on Saturday, January 24th in Albany.  We had 40 brave souls show up and give it there best.  Congratulations to Territorial Ryder as Match Winner and Tenshot Tammy as Overall Women's shooter.  We'd also like to welcome Zeke Mackenzie, who is the grandson of Slick Elic Mackenzie.  Welcome Zeke.  Rumor has it he's already pretty good with his pistols.  I think grandpa has been coaching him on the side.  We'd also like to welcome a guest shooter that came all the way out from Charleston, West Virginia to shoot with us.  The infamous Long Jim Handcock of the Kanawha Valley Regulators.  Check out their web site at: He is one of those Holy Black shooters so as you can imagine we only saw him 'between' shoots.  Welcome LJ and hope you can come back soon. 

Thanks to Hellfire, Territorial Ryder, Mackenzie River Slim, Rocky and Hurricane for donating to the prize table.  Also thanks to everyone who showed up.  We enjoyed seeing you.  Our next match is February 15th.


Mid Valley Drifter

SASS # 35724

Webmaster/Score Keeper

Oregon Old West Shooting Society

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