Buck celebrated his 60th Birthday with style


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Buck celebrated his 60th Birthday with style.  (I think?) A group of us held a surprise party for him at Darcelle's.

>>Darcelle's<< has been in business since 1967 and run by Portland's best-loved cross-dresser.  This cabaret is a campy Portland institution with a female-impersonator show that has been a huge hit for years.

Buck seemed to really enjoy himself and wasn't at all bashful.


                        Remember, that's not a woman?!?!?


Buck's reaction after getting turned down by Darcelle.  Poor Buck


                            The entire cast


         Buck caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

     Pictured below is the guy who is in the picture above.


Good lookin' couple.  Happy Birthday Buck.  You deserved it.